Welcome to MusicGuru


Do you love good music, but don't have the time to keep up with the latest sounds?

Do you find yourself having parties and dinners, but never having the right music to suit the mood?

Do you always end up buying compilations and only really liking a couple of the tracks?

Do you own an iPod but don't know where to start? Or simply can't find the time to start?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above questions then MusicGuru is for you...


Have you ever stopped to consider how much music features in our everyday lives?

We listen to it when we're driving, working, exercising, shopping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, celebrating, relaxing, travelling and romancing and some of us even listen to music while we're giving birth!

If only we could have a personal DJ to compile playlists to suit every occasion - whether we're at the gym, driving home from work, hosting a dinner party or whatever.

Cue MusicGuru, an innovative service, established in 2003, for the iPod generation; a personal audio stylist if you like. However much we enjoy music we don't all have the time to trawl the record shops or music magazines to find out what we could or should be listening to, yet most of us are still interested in learning about new artists, genres or perhaps discovering classics which somehow passed us by. Based on your own personal music tastes MusicGuru Bespoke finds the music, buys it, compiles it, downloads it and transfers it. Put simply, it takes away the pain. And now for those of you who are already set up and savvy with downloading music from the web, there is MusicGuru Playlist. A fast and easy way to keep updated with the latest MusicGuru playlists. A direct link with Apple's iTunes allows you to choose the playlist you're looking for and buy it from the iTunes Store.

MusicGuru is your own personal, and portable, DJ waiting for you to click your fingers (well, the clickwheel actually) to access unique, bespoke compilations or playlists to suit your mood or situation. With MusicGuru you’ve got your own ultimate soundtracks at your fingertips. You'll never have to press the skip button again.


These ready-made playlists are lovingly created free of charge by MusicGuru and all you pay for is the price of the music, downloadable from iTunes.

The Consultation:
At MusicGuru office (click for address): £150
At MusicGuru office (for a couple): £200
At your home or office: additional travel cost of £50 per hour
Online consultation for people who we can't meet face-to-face: £95

Music Purchasing Fee:
20% of total cost of newly purchased CDs or 25% of music purchased from itunes.

The Playlists:
MusicGuru's unique 'Lifestyle Playlists' @ £20 per hour of playlisted


MusicGuru turns your entire CD collection into an MP3 library. Your digital music library is then returned on a portable hard drive. If you choose, your CDs can also be alphabetically archived into CD cases (ie. Case Logic).

The Tutorial:
Although the iPod itself is easy to use, it's everything else that goes with it that can get confusing. This is where MusicGuru can explain and map it all out, so that using iTunes, the iPod, 'ripping', 'burning', setting compression rates and all the other techy jargon become a part of your life, understanding & vocabulary!