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An IT expert... downloads all of your existing, as well as new, collection of music onto an iPod.


An IT expert... downloads all of your existing, as well as new, collection of music onto an iPod.


The DJ...arranges the music into categories (playlists/compilations) to suit your individual lifestyle. Music for the home, the car, the gym; when you're happy, sad, excited, mooching on a Sunday morning, getting ready for a Saturday night out, lounging by the pool in the sun or just watching the world go by with your headphones on...


The MusicGuru process is simple
1.    You fill out a lifestyle questionnaire (which establishes your music tastes and needs)
2.    You have a one to one listening consultation in the comfort of your home or our office.
3.    MusicGuru will then create playlists to fit your lifestyle and load them all on to an iPod (your own or a brand new one) so you're in 24/7 music heaven.

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MusicGuru Bespoke Gifts

At MusicGuru we, and our clients, are always coming up with new ideas of how to enjoy music in different ways, not only for ourselves, but also as a gift for others.

Gift ideas include:
•    Tailor-made CDs to send to all your friends & family with personalised CD case artwork suitable for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries – you choose the occasion
•    A birthday iPod with playlists created for every year of that person's life.
•    A CD or iPod to say thank you, full of playlists to remind you of that person, place or occasion.

DJ Alessandra

Alessandra started DJing in Hong Kong 11 years ago. Her time in Asia included performances all around the region, including the Hong Kong 97 hand-over party, where she played alongside Alistair Whitehead, Seb Fontaine and Graeme Park, as well as being flown to Dubai on several occasions to play for Ministry of Sound parties. In October 97 she played at Rod Stewart's concert in Dubai. Upon returning to London she played in the VIP room of the Ministry of Sound, as well as nights at Hanover Grand and Subterranea. Thereafter her TV career began to take up most of her time and she had to put DJing to the side for a few years.

Since 2002 Alessandra has been playing for the London circuit of clubs, including Boujis, Chinawhite & Kabaret, with a weekly Wednesday residence at the newly re-launched Raffles. She plays regularly for high profiled events for luxury brands such as DeBeers, Mercedes, Mulberry, Hugo Boss, Gucci and is a favourite of Quintessentially Events. She has played at all of Armani's UK events for the past 3 years, which have included the ('30 years Retrospective') after-party at MoreLondon as well as Armani's Valentines party at the Royal Academy. She is the in-house DJ for Louis Vuitton Europe and Asia, playing regularly for their events internationally, including their 150th anniversary party in Hong Kong, where she played alongside Mark Ronson. Plus more recently she has become the DJ of choice for Escada.

Other events include:

Style of music: Alessandra is known for her uplifting and energizing sets, as well as doing warm and atmospheric sets.
Parties and private events: An eclectic mix of all music, including Rock N' Roll, Pop, Funk, House, Rock and Reggae.
Clubs: Funky/Dirty House, Electro & Disco, with a bit of old school Hip Hop & Rock thrown in for fun.