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Festive season is quickly approaching

This year fulfil your good intention...

The festive season is quickly approaching. This year fulfil your good intentions and get organised early to give the perfect Christmas gift for friends, family, even clients. If you’re looking for something a bit different and special then consider an iPod full of music and playlists tailored to....read more

On the right track

Nike and iTunes have teamed up to bring you technology that allows your trainers and ipod to communicate while you're running.

Nike+ trainers have a built-in pocket under the insole for the Nike+ iPod sensor, which measures your activity and wirelessly transfer the information to your iPod nano while it continues to play your [MusicGuru running playlist]. You can choose whether the iPod nano displays information...read more

Water great idea

New technology allows you to listen to music whilst swimming.

Imagine gliding through an underwater world listening to MusicGuru’s ethereal Float On playlist. Finis’ SwiMP3’s revolutionary music player is in a waterproof case that attaches to your swimming goggles and uses bone conduction technology to give the best sound clarity of available......read more