Welcome to MusicGuru


Julie Alpine
It felt like Alessandra had a psychic connection to my soul, rather than just the information she'd gathered from our consultations. She opened my eyes and ears to what's going on in contemporary music, replicating my loves of yesteryear with spot-on tracks of today. Armed with music for dinner parties, songs to put on the car stereo when I'm putting my foot down, albums to follow a lazy day at the beach, and loads more that I just wouldn't have known how to track down for myself, this is a fabulous service that's going to have me singing for a long time to come.

Claire Patterson
I'm in heaven with all my new music - I meant to write and thank you. Really, it's sort of changed my life all these sweet tunes. And I'm totally addicted to playlists etc. The running music is great, really gets me going in the freezing cold at 7am! and, no, I've been good and not even taken a peek at the marathon compilation. I'm recommending you to all and sundry.  Feel slightly guilty as everyone now thinks I'm now a groovy music diva, and I'm wary to let on that I've cheated!

Annabel Evans
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on our iPod. Tim was so delighted and declared it his best present ever! All thanks to you.

Jo Weinberg
I met an incredibly nice woman called Alessandra who has started an amazing bespoke music service for MP3 players, which has completely changed my life. She loads up your player, makes compilations of anything you can possibly dream of and lots that you can't, and will update your machine regularly. It's like having constant access to that perfect radio station that only exists in the middle of the night on local East Hampton radio on some ghostly wavelength you can never find again.

Anne Kavanagh
Just had to let you know that the birthing playlist has been put to the test
with most successful results a baby boy.
We're all fine and the music really helped keep me going through a long day.

Jeremy Soames
What you have produced is fantastic, particularly on a BA flight to New York with only coffee, tea and water!!
It is a great selection and collection.
I will certainly introduce friends and let me know when you go to New York. A great friend would love to commission you.

Geoffrey Littman
I have now downloaded everything to my iPod.  It is in wonderful working order.  I could not be more delighted with the MusicGuru service and hope our relationship is only just beginning.  Thank you so much for everything.

Marianne Alnaes
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY MUSIC!!!!!! It's fantastic, I love, love, love it. I had the iPod on my Bose thingy yesterday, and when Solve got home there was all this lovely music playing and dinner on the table and he was thrilled! Again, thank you so, so much. I will call you again soon, I'm sure!